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Our story

The house that built Porch

Matt Ehrlichman and family

About a year ago, our CEO Matt Ehrlichman was working on his first home in Seattle trying to find the right professionals. One website had great inspiration but no professionals. Another site had professionals but no reviews from neighbors or friends. Matt spent the next month searching the internet and asking his network for ideas and referrals and finally paused with frustration.

Although there was a lot of information available, Matt realized that nobody had organized inspiration, project data, or word-of-mouth referrals in one place.

Being the entrepreneur that he is, Matt decided to start an online home-improvement network... and Porch was born! We believe that home improvement should be simple. So at Porch, we empower people to find professionals and discover what's possible.

"Home is your biggest investment and where life's great moments happen. Improvements should be easy. Now it is with Porch."

- Matt, CEO

Find the right professionals

With over 1.5 million professionals across 250 categories, it's easy to find the right professional based on:

  • Neighborhood view

    See who your neighbors have used and endorsed

  • Project and cost history

    Know what others have spent on projects like yours

  • Your personal preferences

    Understand expertise, service areas, licensing, credentials, and more

Discover what's possible

With insights on over 90 million projects, we give you the tools to discover what's possible:

  • Expert advice

    Become an informed homeowner with project how-tos and style trends

  • Photos and projects

    Scrapbook your ideas and explore inspiration, real costs, and before-and-afters

  • Home management

    Get maintenance reminders, safety reports, and your home history

Claim your home

See your home history, neighborhood stats, and who's done work on your home. It's 100% free!

  • See your home history

    See past project costs, photos, and who did the work on your home

  • View neighborhood stats

    Get stats on project costs, home values, size, age, and occupancy

  • Find the right professional

    Hire professional who've worked on the home and in the neighborhood

Neighbors and friends love Porch

Here's what they're saying

"Porch is a wellspring of fresh, new ideas. It's a valuable tool for those ready to make a design change ... or for those just pondering change and looking for ideas."

Leo P.

Leo P.

Los Angeles, CA

"Porch allowed me to search out contractors for my specific project and see photos to visualize what could be done at particular price-points."

Erin B.

Erin B.

San Diego, CA

"I love the before-and-after shots that show me the progressions from start to finish. I also like how Porch has projects both local and from across the country."

Courtney E.

Courtney E.

Boston, MA

Professionals love Porch

Here's what they're saying

Eric Lamascus

Discover Elite Construction

Santa Cruz, CA

"Porch creates great opportunities for homeowners to find qualified professionals that do incredible work. With partnerships between client, contractor, and Porch, you cannot fail."

Eric Lamascus

General Contractor

Jessica Lagrange

Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Chicago, IL

"The idea behind Porch and the team really impress us. We are thrilled to hit the ground running; we just know this platform is going to be great for our industry, partners, and homeowners."

Jessica Lagrange

Interior Designer

Steve Schill

Schill Architecture

Westlake, OH

"I'm very passionate about the design process and the exchange of ideas that develops with my clients. Porch shares this passion and is building something very special for homeowners."

Steve Schill


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